Researcher request for information about Senate holds

  • 14 Nov 2012 1:17 PM
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    A researcher who is currently working on a research project on Senate holds, "The Secret to Secret Senate Holds: Historical Analysis and Quantification of the Impact of Holds," contacted The Dirksen Center with this request: "We are looking at the political, institutional and social forces that contributed to changes in the Senate hold starting in the 1950’s. We have discovered that the earliest available data on the use of the Senate hold is from the archive of Senate leader Lyndon Johnson, which is in contrast to the common wisdom of the literature, which states that holds began in either the 1970s or possibly the 1960s. We would like to see if there is evidence of holds in the Dirksen Archive [NOTE: We do not have such records]. A contrast with the information on holds that we have from the LBJ Archive would be particularly interesting and insightful. Whether there are holds is usually indicated on the calendars that leaders kept. LBJ’s calendars do not indicate who placed the hold."

    Do any of our members have records on Senate holds? Thanks. You may e-mail me directly at
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