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    Why is ACSC creating a Social Media Committee?

    Libraries and archives increasingly have integrated social media platforms, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Foursquare, into their public services and outreach strategies. At the ACSC 10th Annual Meeting, the panel on social media made clear the importance of using these various platforms to engage different audiences, reach out to media and generate interest in holdings.

    The congressional holdings maintained by ACSC members and member organizations are vital resources for scholars and the public to develop a better understanding of the role of public policy in shaping American life and to explore numerous political, social, and cultural issues. ACSC’s adoption of the Twitter and Tumblr social media platforms will be a large step toward providing greater exposure for ACSC and member institutions and promoting members’ holdings.

    For those institutions already participating in social media, ACSC’s centralized effort can provide repetition and greater visibility for your content. For members not involved in social media, ACSC’s effort removes some of the barriers of using social media.

    Why Tumblr and Twitter?

    Twitter and Tumblr have the potential to reach new audiences, including younger scholars, the media, and bloggers. Once these accounts are established, the Social Media Committee may decide to adopt additional social media platforms.

    What are the URLs for the Tumblr and Twitter pages?



    What are Tumblr and Twitter?

    Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that allows users to share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos.

    Twitter is an information networking site that allows users to share text, links, videos, and photos in 140 characters or less. Users compose Tweets with text and/or links to content.

    The intent of these social media platforms is to provide quick content that users can access and share within the respective online social media communities.

    How will the Social Media Committee work?

    Members of the committee will take turns managing the Tumblr and Twitter accounts on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each month, a call-for-content email will be sent to the ACSC list-serv. Members will submit their content to the committee, and the committee will be responsible for posting it to the appropriate site.

    How do I submit content?

    ACSC members can submit content to the committee email address at any time:

    When should I submit content?

    The committee will solicit the ACSC listserv for content submissions once a month, but members should feel free to provide content as frequently as they wish.

    What kinds of content should I submit?

    Ideas for content include:

    • Images, documents, and audio-visual materials from collections

    • Collection material related to congressional anniversaries or historical events

    • Collection announcements with links to the finding aid or repository website

    • Announcements of events, exhibits and programs

    • Behind-the-scenes glimpses of repositories and/or collections

    • Announcements of scholarships and research grants

    • Highlights from existing content, such as lengthier blog posts, press releases, or social media pages

    Can I submit content that is already published online?

    Yes! ACSC members that already have content published on their own institutional websites, blogs, or other social media sites, such as Facebook, Flickr, or Youtube, can submit content and links.

    What information should I send with my content?

    For Tumblr posts, a brief, explanatory paragraph should accompany images and media. It’s also a good idea to include a citation that lists the collecting institution, the collection, and if possible, a link to the finding aid.

    If the content for Tumblr or Twitter should be published on a specific date, also provide that detail in the email.

    Are there any content guidelines?

    Content should respect the privacy of employees of member institutions, as well as the privacy of donors and those represented in the collections. The use of materials from member institutions should not infringe upon copyright or donor agreements. Content for posts should not espouse personal views and should neither advocate for nor oppose a political party, individual, or issue.

    How should I format my content?


    Tweets are limited to 140 characters, including hashtags and URLs. Images can be attached to Tweets.


    Images – JPEG file, 72 DPI, 10 MB maximum.

    Tumblr automatically resizes images to a maximum width of 500 pixels.

    Video – MP4 file, 100 MB/5 minutes maximum.

    To convert video files, try an open source format converter like Handbrake or Videora.

    Audio – MP3 file, 10 MB maximum. 

    Contact the Social Media Committee if you need assistance converting file formats and adjusting file sizes.
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  • 09 Sep 2013 12:19 PM
    Reply # 1384919 on 1382581
    Hello All,

    Just to get the conversation going, I'll reply.  Looks fine to me.  Any reason you can't start retweeting right away, such as from the Senate History account?

    Congratulations on getting this off the ground.

    Rebecca Johnson Melvin
    Univ of Delaware Library
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